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Soap Standle

Soap Standle

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The SoapStandle allows your bar soap to ‘shed’ water and dry, so “goo” never develops. In fact, this small bit of genius will make your bar of soap last up to 30% longer.

It’s simple to use. Just press your soap bar down firmly onto SoapStandle’s rounded points — it attaches to, and stays with, the bar. Your soap will last longer and it won’t slip from your hand. When you’re ready, move your reusable SoapStandle to a new bar.

* 1 soap standle *

Made with post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) which means that it gives used plastic multiple lives so we introduce no new plastic into the world. Yay for positive environmental impacts! Here's to growth, change, and all-around earthly goodness!
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