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Sea Moss & Lavender Bar Soap

Sea Moss & Lavender Bar Soap

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Scent: Gentle notes of Bulgarian lavender & Sage

Sea moss has emerged as a ‘superfood’ that protects the skin from free radicals and acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. It also aids skin cell regeneration and hydrates parched skin.

Helps Treat Acne: Experts claim that the high sulfur content of sea moss may help lower excess sebum production on the skin. The antibacterial properties of sea moss may also help treat acne. 

Hydrates Skin: Irish moss is non-comedogenic. It contains 15 of the 18 essential elements that make up the human body – including calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K. It also contains vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients hydrate skin and aid healthy skin cell functioning. They may also offer anti-ageing benefits, prevent winter dryness, and protect the skin from the damaging effects of the environment.

Sea moss is also thought to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

5 oz/ 140 g

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Sea Moss Gel, Citric Acid


*All our soaps are handmade in small batches, so while we do try to replicate each design please allow for variance in the appearance of each bar.*

Disclaimer* We do not make medical claims on any product. We merely highlight the benefits of the included ingredients.

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